Thursday, December 3, 2015

Attack of the Vicious Deranged Floor Mats!!!

Okay, I am feeling that I must warn you of the pervasive infiltration of vicious deranged floor mats in our country . . .
Seriously, there I was at work minding my own business and getting ready to put a floor mat back on my freshly mopped foyer floor when, wham! The floor mat jumped out of my hands and tripped me sending me head first down the stairs and onto the tile covered concrete floor. . . Then the vicious monster disguised as a meager mild mannered floor mat went back to pretending to be a helpful convenience.  . . There I was, face down with my poor mangled legs stretched up behind me across the stairs and at the mercy of passersby  . .  As I rose it did nothing to assist me . . As I picked it up it hung limp in my hands all feigned innocence and purity with no sign of the villainous deed it had just perpetrated!
Lot of nerve!!
Beware of all floor mats . .
You could be next!!!

(photo is of what's left of my poor legs!!)

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