Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Video: Looks Like Somebody Else Broke Into Old Joliet Prison"

       Good morning! Hope your night was as peaceful as mine!!
       So it looks like someone has broken into the Old Joliet Men's Prison . . . seems to be a common thing recently. The sad thing is it doesn't, from the video, look like he did much more than walk in. So much for keeping a historic landmark safe. And an explanation as to why so much damage has been done.
       I have to say I am grateful for a video of the prison as I've been quite curious and have yet to see videos (beyond the movie filmed there, therefore a staged version). There are "tours" periodically but you need to either be an expert in some related field or a friend of local/state government, IMHO, to be included. I am neither (by my own choice).
        And so, in looking at this video, I am seeing so much potential in this property. Purchased by an individual with the experience and financing necessary this could be an amazing investment!! As there are already so many rooms/cells constructed, it could "easily" be re-plumbed and rewired (by the right professionals) and be utilized as:
• hotel
• B&B
• retail center for start-up businesses
• museum
• center for art/music lessons
• small restaurants
• apartment complex
       Actually, all of the above could easily be combined with so much available space at hand! And the prison grounds? Well, I see edible landscaping (think marigolds, tulips, strawberries, rhubarb, currant and gooseberry bushes, fruit and nut trees) allowing tenants and guests a free healthy alfresco dining option!! Include crushed limestone paths for a local feel. And maybe a fire pit for roasting marshmallows?
       Can you even imagine the amount of tourist traffic Joliet would generate by improving this property this way?!! Traffic to our local businesses: gas stations, restaurants . . . And the number of jobs: management, cleaning staff, maintenance, groundskeepers . . . As well as shop owners and their staff!!
       All I see here is a win-win scenario.

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