Monday, June 6, 2016

"Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast . . ."

After a long day inducing a long pause to reassess my life and where I'd like to be . . . I am wondering/hoping/praying . . . 
~ place where people are sincerely kind to each other . . 
~ there is a church where I won't be judged
~ I can wear a skirt length in my personal comfort zone
~ I can have a couple cute pink highlights in my hair without the world coming to a screeching halt
~ there is a church accepting of and compassionate towards autistic children (that will also not 100% contradict our beliefs)
~ there is a purpose to kneeling for many hours on a tile floor
~ low hanging clouds can make even a dreary drab place seem almost magical
~ there is a future of peace and love as long as we follow His leading
~ living with less is more peaceful
~ with hope and prayer there must be action
~ without a solid "plan B" disasters rule
~ true love
~ naps
~ prayer solves Everything
~ who/what God leads you to is always best  . . be obedient

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