Friday, June 10, 2016

Matt Discovered Tulip Trees . . !

Autism parenting is awe inspiring. It's those little things that bring me back and remind me who Matt is, this amazing guy who hangs out with me and keeps me totally grounded while helping me to look at everything differently.
This last week I introduced him to Tulip Trees, my favorite tree since fourth grade (yeah, that long). We were out walking looking for natural foods for Nicholas, his hamster, when I picked a few tulip tree blossoms for Matt to smell and Nicholas to munch or use as softly scented bedding (hamsters have rights/needs too!!). Matt fell in love with that tree, although I was too preoccupied with foraging and my trivial work/life/bill problems to truly notice.
Then, yesterday, as we drove slowly from our homestead, I noticed Matt counting aloud vs participating in what I thought was a shared conversation (autism has a better world than what I can see through my ordinary eyes). When I asked what he was counting he explained, "there are seven tulip trees on the trail" (new word for the road to our homestead?). "There are three on this side and four over there. Those are my favorite trees."
He had mentioned, "beautiful tree", the other day in reference to a very tall tulip tree growing over the water and I'd been grateful he also appreciated these beauties, but not thought much more about it. Yesterday he gave me another treasured peek into Matthewland, a place where wonders and insights abound. I am always grateful to the point of tears to be allowed even a small time in Matthewland.
What snippets of Autismland  have you been allowed to enjoy?

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