Saturday, June 4, 2016

Local Exploring . . .

Have you ever considered urban exploring or urban hiking?
Yes, seriously . .
A map . .
  A pen . .
   A highlighter . .
    A bottle of water . . .
     A knapsack with munchies and a first aid kit . .
       Then walk down your drive.
   Does your family know how to identity different varieties of fruit trees? Begin walking down your street and make note on the map of each fruit tree.
       Repeat this going through your neighborhood. Once you feel confident your family really has taken a close look at each street, mentioning things they've only just noticed, have them highlight that street.
          That is officially a street they mentally own!!
       Now, begin family meetings around any local maps you can get. Sometimes local maps will contradict each other and have sections having very little to do with reality.
       Begin to look for inconsistencies. Each section of the map that's not accurate needs to be hiked. That part of the map must be owned before you move on.
      Another option is, as you are driving doing errands, look for things that need to be checked later . .
      • tunnel/cave openings
     • under bridges
      • sidewalk vaults
     • abandoned buildings
     Many of these, although seeming quite ordinary as you drive by, hold secrets.
       Now, be cautious.
          No trespassing.
              Have fun!!!

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