Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Tattoo Dilemma

I don't normally talk about this but wanted to share.
Years ago I got this tattoo (it's in a spot where it's normally hidden).
It wasn't a spur of the moment decision . .
But I simply didn't know enough going into it.
So . .
I walked into a tattoo parlor with no knowledge. . .
Problem #1~ there were so many tattoos to choose from! And I wasn't sure if there was a drug meaning to  some . . and the employees refused to tell me (SMH~ why would they not want to help a customer find the right fit?).
Problem #2~ when I chose the fairy tattoo I specifically asked the tattoo artist to not put in any hard lines . . I only wanted hazy illusion . . as she was injecting the first black line she informed me my wish was impossible (untruth on her part).
Problem #3~ I was not informed that it should not be washed for a few days and that it would peel . . . and so, the next day I washed it (I'm in favor of personal hygiene) and a couple days later I scrubbed it with a loofah to remove the peeling mess I was faced with.
   So now . .?
Here I am with a tattoo I hate. Honestly, it doesn't look much worse then when I walked out of the tattoo parlor.
I cannot afford, nor do I want the pain of tattoo removal.
I am thinking it would be cheaper and Way less painful to fix this tattoo . .
Maybe use what's here as a darker center for something pretty with hazy edges?
What are your thoughts?

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