Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Comfort or Living for God?

Hello there! Welcome back.
I just wanted to take a quick minute to sure with you a bit more about my journey . . No, I am not going on a sightseeing trip or a vacation. I am on a journey with Jesus. *smile*
As our finances collapsed recently it became more and mor obvious to me that we had gotten way to comfortable and beyond too preoccupied with being comfortable. Our lives simply weren't about serving Him by helping the needy any longer. This is unacceptable.
Now, as we prepare to downsize from our comfy little homestead onto a sailboat we are having to part with almost all our possessions, taking only the truly important and cherished items with us!!
This change will be about seriously decreasing my stress level thus preventing another mini stroke, but, more importantly, it will be about serving Him by reaching new people!! Can you imagine reaching out with the love of Jesus to all the homeless who have made riverbanks their home? Sharing a Pocket Testament and a warm hat or blanket?
yes, our life is changing and an amazing adventure awaits . . and a new group needing Jesus reaches out their hands to feel His presence . . .
I'd like to share a link to a blog post that helped me solidify this concept into words for you . . .

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