Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rambles From Our Homestead

. . . and I pray . . and I learn more trust, patience and obedience  . . . and His timing is always better . . the healing is slow even though I thought it healed . . all who are around are not friends and I learn to be quieter . . .  praying and praying and still not speaking correctly  . . . learning to breathe and trust Him . . . why is it so hard to say all that really needs to be said  . . .  lunch in my car enjoying the breeze . . quietly contemplating our future plans . .  . 
And more prayer and the physical work that can somehow sweat the problems straight out of you  . . and realizing He has a reason and stop trying to second guess /get ahead of God . .
Bible study at church and the peace a long chat with a church sister can bring to my heart . . . opening up and being actually able to express what I'm thinking . . quietly waiting on God and His timing . .
Being blessed in the process of growth . . !

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