Saturday, June 22, 2019

Trying Something New

Hey there . . 
I wanted to let you know where I am and what's up right now ..  
I'm not sure why but I've had an exceedingly huge drop-off in blog traffic to all my blogs on blogger recently. 
So . .
 I am copying all the posts to my Patreon blog ..  
All that has been free (no cost) here will continue to be free there. 
I've been updating that site and adding a lot of content . . 
There is also, for those who want to pay $1.00+/month, the added benefit of seeing random photos of what my day looks like!! You'll see random neighborhoods in in/around Toledo, Ohio as well as inside my apartment!! These photos are only available to patrons and expire after 24 hours.  .. 
Please, stop by  . . 
Look through all the free posts . .
Then check out the titles on the pay-per-view posts... there may be posts of interest to you . . 
See you on Patreon!! 

I'd love to hear your comments over there on my posts and how the site looks/functions!! 

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