Saturday, December 10, 2016

"Winter Storm Warning in Northeastern Illinois" ~ What About the Homeless??

   As we wait for this snowstorm to descend and temperatures in the teens to follow how many of us are remembering the homeless?
  As you prepare room in your home for Christmas presents, could you thin out your closets and put those items in a box in your car? When you see someone who is homeless offer to let them choose from the contents of this box.
   They may choose that blue fuzzy scarf, those crazy purple and bright green socks or the sweater Aunt Tillie sent you (what was she thinking?) ..
  Add a few boxes raisins, the sample bottles from the night at the hotel, bottles of water, Bibles and gently worn afghans ..
    You could be the miracle someone is praying for.. 
   You may be the only sign of Jesus they ever see ..

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