Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Rare Superbug find: Will we HAVE to Give Up Meat Products?


   As I read this article all I could think was, we have to get ourselves healthier and we have to adjust to meat alternatives for protein. For me, protein is critical to functioning properly so I need to reassess our dietary habits and make some preemptive changes.
       Because the researchers have no idea how this superbug even got to this pig farm we must assume  . . . And that assumption, based on knowledge and research, will lead each of us to make choices. . 
   Did it get transferred by an unknowing visiting veterinarian (an infected squirrel, bird droppings.  .) who may have spread it across countless farms?
      There are too many unknown variables here for any sense of comfort. Do we stop eating any meat until this is cleared up? Do we only eat what's on hand and buy no more? How much do we honestly trust the government to keep us safe?
    What will you decide for your family?

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