Sunday, April 17, 2016

Whether to Renew My Cosmology License

Recently, as I've assessed and reassessed my current situation as well as future plans, I've considered the possibility of returning to my cosmetology career.
Let me take you back in time . . . way back  . . .
I was in a very abusive marriage. For three (3) long years I had been beaten virtually every day. I had no one I could turn to. There simply wasn't anyone I could trust to listen, help and not lecture or judge me.
A huge blessing came when he filed for divorce. Initially it was devastating as I really loved him and wanted to make the marriage work. Being married to a nonbeliever (he's Muslim) I had an out, but we're supposed to stay married.
Anyway, I digress . . .
Because I was forced to make changes and move ahead I applied for Public Aid (we called it Welfare back then) and went to Ma Cherè Hair Style Academy. There I found teachers dedicated to the success of their students. I learned to cut, color, perm and relax hair. I also was fortunate enough to learn how to do African-American hair (making it easier for me to make money in a salon).
After completing the basic class and being ready to take state boards I was offered the opportunity to also take the managers training course. This course is required to work alone in a salon in Ohio.
The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology test scared me as it was an expense to take myself, my child, my mother and the woman whose hair I would be cutting to another town and cover meals and hotel rooms.
But . . .
I passed . . . .
State Board and Managers Licence tests with a score of 95%!!!!
Then I went on to work first at a JC Penny's salon in Toledo as well as one in Joliet.

Okay, so the question still pops up from time to time . . . "should I try to renew my license?" I do miss doing hair . . it was fun to be paid to be creative! And the pay was awesome . . . I averaged $11.34/hour plus my tips . . . and a properly done hair cut easily gleans a $20 tip!!
But, working in a salon is a very competitive environment . . it's women competing for customers and status . . .  it can be quite catty with a lot of backstabbing. Imagine yourself in a room with 15+ women in various stages of PMS and menopause!! Nightmare!!
No, I probably won't go back . . .
It's a personal choice for my own sanity.

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