Sunday, April 17, 2016

When Prayers aren't Answered the Way We Want

As I reassess my war room and answers to my prayers I have to admit that sometimes answers are a surprise . . . or are they really?
In the case of this prayer request I must say the answer was only partially a surprise. I really felt, and still do feel, that the basis of this prayer was solid and 100% within His Divine Will . . however I also knew going into this prayer that this mountain may not want to move.
Honestly I knew from the get go that, if a person loves something more than God, God's not going to make that person give up their true love to follow Him. Based on that and the fact that I was walking solely on Bible verses with no real knowledge of this person's current lifestyle, well, I knew my prayer may be a Huge longshot . .. but, Biblically I knew I had to do my best to be obedient to my Lord.
All that said, I must say that although it hurt to see someone who was once very close to me turn their back on God's plan, I had to move on. . . I will continue to pray for this person, just not in the same way . . .
Hoping their heart is softened to His Will for their life.

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