Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How Would this Affect You: "Illinois prisons struggle with backup power issues"?

Illinois Department of Corrections officials have asked the state's correctional facilities to retest emergency power equipment after an Aug. 20 power
So, your sitting in your living room watching Living Dead and an EMP finally goes off. No biggie, right? Your are totally prepared!
Or are you?
Have you pulled out your U.S. map and and located all adult and juvenile detention facilities within 50-100 miles of your homestead?? Why this distance? As we go to work and workout in our "down time", prisoners have almost a 24/7/365 ability to physically prepare!! They could easily cover 20 miles in a day, making a 100 mile hike (daunting to us!!) a mere five (5) day walk. No big deal to them!!!
And what happens when the power goes out? The backup plan in prisons appears to be lanterns, flashlights and generators . . . none of which will work after an EMP.
Are you prepared to have the local inmates in your home??!!!

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