Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Down My Rabbit Hole . . .

I walked 2,100 steps so far today . .
   More importantly, I'm alive, saved and blessed!
The Mad Hatter is home working on science or social studies and preparing for his Bible test . . .
I haven't seen the Cheshire Cat in a couple days and miss his sweet smile . .
     I've been seriously looking at my current rabbit hole a lot lately . . I've also had the sinus infection from hades making my thought processes Way out of the box! Over time I've actually noticed that my perspective when I'm like this can be quite eye opening!! I realize more what's truly bugging me And what it will take to relieve that. If I carefully take notes I find I can make faster progress toward a lifestyle of personal peace.
   What about you?
How is your rabbit hole today?

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