Friday, April 1, 2016

Down My Rabbit Hole. .

       I've been praying and thinking a lot lately about our future plans, trying to make sure I take Matt's plans and mine into consideration. I'm looking at our desire to own our own businesses yet be mobile/vagabond/gypsy in our lifestyle.
       For myself, my business is selling quilts and baby clothes I design and sew. I can either sell online or to boutiques in towns we visit.
       And I feel called to help the homeless in the towns we visit. Set up gardens for them and share Jesus's love.
       And Matthew? Although he is very firm about wanting to be a business man and own his own business, he has yet to settle on a specific category. That's okay! At 15-years-old, it's enough to have this much of a plan. As he tries different options he will find something he really loves  do and that will be his money maker.
       My next prayer turned toward mobile homesteading. . . . as we travel I would like to forage/harvest in each area thereby adding truly fresh food into our diet and eating seasonally appropriate foods. Beyond that I'd also like to raise some of our own vegetables and fruits as well as most of our own herbs!! This will take a bit of creativity in an RV, so it's good we have the next 1-2 years to practice and organize before we get on the road. The other item I'd like to homestead is rabbit stew. I'd like to raise rabbits. I've had indoor rabbits before so this will be no big deal.
       My next prayer was finding way to have clean water. I really would prefer rain water as neither municipal nor well water is too appealing right now. Between the flushed prescriptions, pesticide and herbicide runoffs, vehicles leaking toxic muck and discharge from factories that ends up in our aquifers, we are voluntarily drinking poison!! I have a basic plan for collecting rain water on our mobile homestead and will be implementing it shortly. (This information will be in a future post.)
       After a day of prayer I can see the rebuilding of my rabbit hole is going well . . .
A Happy Future Awaits!!!

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