Monday, April 11, 2016

A Day of Prayer . .

Today I am intentionally praying. Sounds odd to me, but I've noticed that I've prayed less this last week than I normally do. Could be why I am so unreasonably tired no matter how much I sleep!!
And so,
Today I have dedicated as a day of prayer . . .
On the way to work I started with prayers for visions for His plan for our future (visions from God totally ROCK and really help me stay on His path!!) . .
As I began my work day I narrowed it down to prayers for direction to a path where we can follow His lead in service yet Matt and I can both operate our own home businesses .  . I realize that many who set out to serve the Lord as missionaries expect the Lord to provide everything along the way. I am not following that path. Matt and I both want to be self-supporting. Matt is really looking forward to being a business man, seeming to forget he's run his own profitable recycling business for years and years!
And so I pray . . .
His Will!!

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