Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not Cutting My Hair

Hi! Welcome back!
I wanted to share a bit about what I am doing so that I no longer feel the need to cut my hair.
I decided to quit cutting/ trimming altogether right after I got it trimmed in November. The young lady, Alexis, at Regis Salon, did a wonderful job~ she always does. "Dust off the ends. What could we do to soften my look?" And she did just that!
But, the softer look made the fact that I had again been disobediant to God and cut my hair something I could no longer pretend I wasn't doing/ was okay to do. I had to deal with the fact that The Word says women are Not to cut our hair. I had to deal with the fact that I had been told this years ago, but had refused to see it.
I sat down with myself and looked at what I could do to keep my hair healthy without a trim every eight weeks? The simple answer: spend the $27.00 plus $5.00 tip from the haircut on proper hair care supplies!
Since I sell Avon...
I purcahsed a few products designed to keep my tresses lovely.
First, I thoroughly brush my hair with a shampoo brush before I shampoo to loosen and dirt and dead skin cells. This brushing also stimulates my scalp, bringing more nutrition to each hair follicle!
Second, I shampoo with Avon's Advance Techniques Color Protection Shampoo~ shampoo, rinse and repeat. The first shampoo further loosens the dirt, the second washes it away. Then I rinse thoroughly.
Third, I condition with Avon's Advance Techniques Color Protection Conditioner, leaving it on while Iwash my face, ears, neck and back. Then rinse that out thoroughly and towel dry.
Fourth, I apply a generous amount of Avon's Advance Techniques Color Protection Heat Infusion Treatment. Then I comb it through and braid. I know the package says to leave in three minutes and rinse, but my hair calls for desperate measures! I use it as a leave-in conditioner!!!
I go to sleep like this. I allow the heat generated between my head and the pillow and blankets to create the effects of applying a heat cap.
In the morning I unbraid my hair and apply Avon's Advance Techniques damage repair 3D rescue (if needed) followed by Avon's Advance Techniques frizz control lotus shield (depending on my desired style). Then I comb it through.
As far as styling goes, I realized last week that my ends were really dry (the reason for the new program), so I decided to only have it down and cute on Sundays and other special occassions. The rest of the week I twist it up on my head and put a huge clip on it. This allows the conditioner to bake in all day every day!
My hair is already so much softer and silkier!
I spent less than for the haircut!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm writing to say that you may want to reconsider those chemical-laden Avon products in favor of all-natural shampoos or even no-poo (using baking soda and cider vinegar). Also, herbal rinses ( and natural oils such as Argan oil or coconut oil are much better conditioners than anything manufactured. Consider scalp massage, too, and pray about trimming. I personally don't believe trimming your hair of damaged ends is going against God's law. Chopping it to your scalp, perhaps, but a simple trim of long hair to keep it healthful and manageable, I don't think God frowns upon that. I've had long hair most of my life. I recently cut it because it was absolutely unmanagable during this pregnancy. I mean, it was a HUGE rats nest no matter what I did. Also, it was so heavy, I had daily headaches and neck aches. It is still long (bottom of shoulder blades) and I plan on growing it back out again, especially since hubby hated to see my hip length locks shorn.

  2. Very neat! I love seeing women live out convictions God lays on their heart! I had very long hair several years ago and it became an idol for me. I felt very strongly that God asked me to cut it and donate it to a girl in my parent's church that had recently lost all her hair due to chemo. It was a beautiful process for my heart and my husband's heart (who LOVED my long hair). It is finally at that same length 5 years later and I enjoy it but it doesn't give me pride the way it did all those years ago. Isn't God so faithful even in these little things?! Thank you for linking up!

  3. Hey Karen,
    I would love to have long hair, but my disability prevents it. I am unable to keep my arms at shoulder length for more than 10 seconds so I would never be able to take care of it. I need a wash and go!

  4. Re: "The Word says women are Not to cut our hair."
    Maybe you can help me with that. I can find GENERAL admonition against shaving it off or cutting close to the skin and I can also find commands to do exactly that to fulfill certain obligations but nothing to suggest simple cutting is so much as frowned-upon, let alone forbidden.
    And believe me I've tried. I was most perturbed by my wife's decision to dramatically shorten (still not really "short") hers so if I could find Word against it I'd be all over it.
    I dig a chick with long hair.

  5. The lord is, indeed, so patient with us as we grow in our understanding of His word! I, myself, am so grateful for this every day!!!
    I have discovered that my hair is so much healthier since I made this change. I am more diligent about deep conditioning and thorough brushing. And I am still loving my Avon products~ no weird build-up so many other brands leave and my hair is soft and managable!
    As far as God's Word on long hair: 1 Cor. 11:5 & 15~ we women are to cover our heads in prayer as angels are present in the churches and we are to be covered before them. To be covered means to have uncut hair. Although my hair is about waste length, I still cover as I was getting it trimmed every eight weeks through this last November. I, personally, don't think I will feel like my head is covered until I have not even trimmed my hair for at least two years. I feel very convicted for cutting it as I was told this seven years ago and refused to understand/ obey His word.
    On another note, your wife should be obedient to your wishes and not cut her hair: 1 Cor. 11:3. She may gently voice her opinion, but then you make the final decision.
    Side note~ pick up a copy of "Courageous" and watch it with your wife~ you won't regret it!!!
    God Bless!!!!!


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