Monday, February 6, 2012

Chicken Thieves/ Know Your Neighbors!

I find it imperative that I tell you immediately about my recent experience. I went out to check on my chickens tonight to find this scene (minus the white trash bag taped to the inside of the window). Someone had cut through the clear plastic over the windows, cut the chicken wire and pulled a hen out!
I do realize times are hard and The Great Depression 2 has hit everyone hard, but didn't think this country was at this point yet!
Know your neighbors!
Know your town!
Never assume you are safe!
Protect your perimeter!

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  1. Well, friends, I went out this morning tolet Farmer Fred and his crazy harem out and there was the missing chicken! I did a double-take three times! I think what happened was that she had gotten down behind the food bin and was, thus, 'invisible'. This morning, I assure you, she is very much home with her crazy family.
    This does not, however, change the fact that there was a break-in. The plastic over the window was cut as well as the chicken wire.
    The world is definitely Not as it was in the 1960's...
    Somewhere I have a hungy neighbor who would rather steal a chicken than ask for food...
    I am making perimeter security one of my top priorities as spring noses closer and outdoor projects become a reality again...
    Be Blessed all and Be Safe!!!


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