Sunday, April 9, 2017

My Absence and Missing You . .

Hi .  yes, I'm back . . I've been over at my new site . . . . and, although I really love their format I've missed all of you terribly! Soooo . . I've decided to write on both platforms for a while . . please visit me on both and tell me what you think . .
Now, all that I post here is free and most that I post on Patreon is also free . . the purpose of moving to Patreon was to potentially turn my writing into more of a career thereby paying enough if my bills to allow me more time to write thus turning out better quality for you. I do have one (1) adorable supportive patron who is appreciated but very little other traffic . .
Could all you sweet people stop by my Patreon, check out all the free articles I've written and photos of the area and leave me some comments as to what you think of that format vs this one?
I'd really appreciate any kind input . . Thanks in advance :)

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