Monday, October 10, 2016

Redoing My List

    Hi there! I redid my list. You know, the list process that helps me see what my inner priorities really are.
   Yesterday stress was really getting to me so I grabbed my brown pen and wrote out the outline. That, in and of itself, calmed my nerves giving me the feeling of hope and control of my future.
    Later on in the day I took a few minutes to fill it in. As usual I was surprised by some of the entries (rule is, for each section, I have to write the first things that come to mind).
    The final section was/wasn't a surprise. I knew that Matt's future, should I die before he's an adult, had been weighing on my mind. I just didn't realize it was eating at me like this. There is currently no one capable of caring for Matt. No one who knows his needs or is familiar with how our household works around his autism. If something happened to me he would not only loose his Mommy, but his entire life would be in a horrible disarray. The transition to wherever he would end up would be disastrous.
    And so, my priority this week is to find a solution.

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