Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Hope Quilt Top

       Quilting and praying . . tonight silent prayers and tears stitched in ..  are you praying too? Watching "Eat, Pray, Love" with Matt yet again ..  wondering when I should take another leap of faith. . . watching a great ocean liner continue to slowly sink and wondering why I still sit in my cabin without a lifejacket in sight . . I have a slight plan and the beginnings of a raft . . nothing more . . and then there's the house and wondering what the time frame will be for it to sell/be deeded back to the bank ..  how does one make solid plans to move when it's all so up in the air!?!? And thoughts turn to properly cut firewood as winter encroaches ..  need to get on scavenging big time!! Then there is the realization that all night security means staying half awake/alert all night and can seriously suck all energy from a person .  . . and . . what if I say what needs to be said and you really listen with an open heart . . I will keep stitching and praying ..  

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