Monday, April 4, 2016

What do We Do?? "Shared from Sky News: Slavers Sell Orphans To UK Families - Report"

Shared from Sky News: Slavers Sell Orphans To UK Families - Report

       We live in such a bubble, feeling as though there is no longer any slavery. In reality there is, IMHO, way more slavery than ever before. Globally, women and children are being trafficked at astounding rates. It's very easy, although a bit costly, to purchase a slave to suit particular wants/needs.
To so many people are just another commodity to buy/sell . . . an opportunity for profit.
There are also so many indentured servants right here in the US. They come here on either college or work Visas. When they flunk out of college or lose their job they are legally required to return to their home countries, but .   . they stay. They work for wealthy friends, earning a stipend (not enough to begin to cover their personal expenses) so borrow against future stipends becoming forever indebted. Forever enslaved.

      This has grown to beyond epidemic proportions!
      The societal value of human beings has become so universally minimalized that this atrocity is simply an interesting news blurb, then we're back to checking the fridge for good munchies . . .
       What will it take for us to band together as The Human Race and take steps to stop this completely???!

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