Sunday, April 3, 2016

Organizing/Prepping in Limited Space

       As we consolidate all our worldly possessions into our new mobile homestead I have been wondering what would happen to our preps. I mean, seriously, can one fit a family And six (6) months of supplies into a small bug out location? We are beginning the process of finding this out.
       You can see in the photos how I've organized my dental supplies and         gels/body washes. These handy bins (plastic shoe boxes) slide neatly into the tiny bathroom sink base. Soon I will add more of these~ for bar soap (love Dove!!) and shampoo/conditioner. I believe I can easily fit a six (6) month supply of bathroom items in the allotted cabinets. As for toilet paper, I am planning to stack that in the tub/shower. We can pull it out when we shower so we're basically using wasted space wisely!!
       How are you minimalizing and organizing?

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