Saturday, October 1, 2016

My Pedometer App ~ Losing Weight

I walked 198,661 steps last month.
I need to share that I had been 210 lbs for what seemed like forever. No amount of hiking or calorie cutting could impact that number.
I was so amazed when they weighed me in the E.R. and I found I was 203.2 lbs the end of August. I was so shocked and elated that I'd finally begun to win the battle!!
Then, about a week ago, I weighed myself at the YMCA and found I was down to 199.2 lbs!! WooHoo!! I'd finally broken the 200 lb barrier.
At this rate I will hopefully be closer to my approved goal of 150 lbs by spring. That would mean all new clothes as I start our new life. That would be fabulous!!!

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