Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day 31/366

Wandering, a blessing to my soul . .

Twisted Crazy Quilt and Moving On

As I sit quilting Matt and I chat about our plans. We now have a firmer idea of what to take with us when we move and what we still need to eliminate. Time to do more sorting!

Twisted Crazy Quilt

A few more patches  . . .
New beadwork  . . .
Prayers and trusting in God  . . .
A promising future lies ahead!

Twisted Crazy Quilt

This is my progress so far . .
At first I thought I was working faster . .
But now I don't think so  . .
I am enjoying this quilt . . .
And the personality is so unique!

Joy Dare "." January 30, 2016

3 old things seen new~

* a location I've been visiting off/on since 1996

* a friendship

* God's perfect plan

Morning on the Homestead

Could the green-ish grass mean spring is near?
My coffee maker, leaky as it is, is a welcome sight in the dim light of dawn!!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

French Topsy-Tail

Thought I'd try something new  . .
So far I like the concept, but think maybe smaller and closer together would be prettier . . .
What do you think?

Loving this Blog Post: "The Rapture, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton And 50 Other Excuses People Use For Not Prepping"

Hi! I was over visiting The Economic Collapse Blog and wanted to share their post with you.
I think this may very well be something all of us preppers are thinking . . The excuses for not prepping are so many no list could possibly encompass them all. I'd like to share two (2) of my favorites and my perspective on each:

1) "I don't have enough money to prep"~~ this is ridiculous! In all actuality much of the prepping I've done was free!!!

a) go to the library/bookstore with paper and pen . . find books on gardening, foraging (wild medicine/edibles), crafts, dumpster diving, use of antique tools, woodworking, homesteading, ect . . . Put the knowledge in these books into practice in your daily life

b) start a garden (indoors or outside) . . at many places seed packets are $0.10/each so you need to pass up a couple sodas or a pack of cigarettes

c) join our game of keeping bills as low as possible (challenge your extended family!!)  . . let friends and family know you'd love to learn to use candles and oil lamps . . check grandma's attic/basement/garage [trust me, she's got oil lamps stashed somewhere]

2) "God will provide everything I need as we go through Tribulation, so prepping is not trusting in Him!"
Yeah, okay, that makes about as much sense as your grown child saying "I shouldn't worry about getting a degree or a job because that would mean I don't trust my parents to provide for me".
God has handed you all the information and resources you need to ensure that your family is well provided for. To not use all of this is a slap in His face!!!
Skip the vacation to the beach resort or the day trip to the amusement park.
Take them camping at a park you might need to use as a bug-out location.
Take them hiking with a challenge to see who can spot the most edible plants (in and out of season). While hiking discuss where each would put up a tent and why.
Staycation at home. Put up a tent out back and, weekly, have the kids take it down, move it across your property, and put it back up.
Build a fire pit out back and have family members join a campfire cooking challenge! 

Don't just sit there and and prepare to die.

Please, stop over and visit this blog. It's packed full of good information and perspective!

Quilting and Praying

Prayers for you as I fall asleep . . .
Prayers for you as I wake . .

Twisted Crazy Quilt

Butterfly dreams as I wait for spring!!

Twisted Crazy Quilt and a Nice Lunch Break

A pause to sit in my cubicle, munch dry cheerios and quilt~~
Total refreshment to keep on going!!!

Cloudscaping Over Old Joliet Correctional Center

The clouds today are so pretty!
And I happened to notice a clear view of the Old Joliet Prison of Blues Brothers and "Prison Break" fame . . The prison that held Al Capone.
Look at the center of the picture just to the left of the water tower. That is the Women's Prison.
Such a shame for an historic prison to be crumbling before our eyes! IMHO, this would be a location useful for community gardens in the courtyards. And a really nice money-making fishing and camping area around the spring fed quarry!!!
Or a unique church retreat location. Use the Women's Prison as a church with many rooms available for classrooms as well as the possibility of renting a few rooms out for small businesses or having a Christian based community center with a variety of art classes, ect . . . and use the courtyard for a church garden providing fresh produce to feed the Pastor and his family as well as for church meals. The extended grounds could be used for church recreation~ fishing , camping, exploring . . .
What do you think???

My Paid Work~Out Program ~ Sabbath Day . .

Good Sabbath morning to you! Hoping your Sabbath is prayerful and blessed on such a fine sunny morning.
Today I will be working out and praying all day . . blessed to be alive and have a job.
And my sweet Matt? He will be at church, right where he should be, praising God and learning the truth.
What are your Sabbath plans?

Joy Dare . . . January 28, 2016

3 graces found in friends . . . .

   :] patience

:) honesty

   :] loyalty

Friday, January 29, 2016

Cutting and Sorting Patches for Quilting

Good evening!
Happy Sabbath to you and yours . .
Tonight my after Bible study fun is going through my scrap material and cutting pieces for my twisted crazy quilt. Look at all the pretty colors!
I really thought I had a wide enough variety of colors and fabric types until I stopped to look again at my quilt top   . . . .   hmmm.  . . I may have to dig deeper into my scraps in a few days!!!
After cutting a good size pile of triangles I opted to sort by color group and store in small plastic zipper bags. This will, hopefully, make finding what I need easier  when I get ready to do more piecing!!
What tricks do you use when assembling crazy quilt pieces?

"Wife" Bible Study ~ Job 2:9-10

Tonight I decided to look up Job's wife in "Every Woman in the Bible".  Although it states that she was feeling for his anguish so deeply and (though she would be in terrible straights without him) she felt he would at least not be in any more pain if he died.
I can understand loving someone enough you'd gladly take their pain for them, yet I still feel she was out of touch with her husband or lacked the faith he had. Probably both.
How much better had she offered to pray with him?

Day 28/366

Cloudscaping over Joliet's Historic Upper Bluff Cathedral Area

Day 28/366

North Pine St.
Joliet, IL

Day 28/366

Cloudscaping over Lockport and Romeoville as seen from west Joliet, IL . .

My Paid Work~Out Program!!

Happy Friday, folks!!
It's that time again~ getting in shape for summer fun!!
As the weather is warming Matt and I plan to hike this weekend also~ WooHoo!!!

Twisted Crazy Quilt

More prayers . .
His will above all else . .
More stitches  . . .
New ideas spinning out of control in my head  . . .
More patches pinned . . .
Watching this quilts' personality unfold.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 27/366

Beautiful sunset over Joliet, IL

Twisted Crazy Quilt and Praying . .

As I stitch and pray I am watching blessings unfold in our lives . . Matt and I definitely aren't perfect but I can say our prayers and obedience are paying off!! Slowly and deliberately He is putting the pieces of our future serving Him into place and, I have to tell you, we are so excited!
Don't you just love watching God move in your life?!!!

De-Clutter~ 500 Things in 14 Days . . .

      Hey there!! How are you doing with this challenge? Has it been a struggle or getting easier each day?
   For me the sorting has been easy, but finding time and, more difficult, energy to attack random corners of our homestead has been a challenge. I will say that, when I do find I have extra energy to do this, it is a liberating process. I am still repurposing many things, but am also finding plenty to eliminate.
Last night, after work, I gave two (2) hours to laundry, cooking supper and cleaning/de-cluttering~ I eliminated an additional six (6) items!! Not bad for an ADHD caffeine-generated moment, don't you think?!! And, as we have fun learning to live cheaply, I did some of my cleaning by candlelight  . . . . .


       Now, I did want to tell you that I have completely quit counting the days I de-clutter and, instead, have decided to continue counting how many items we eliminate until we are finished!! We will be initially finished before we move. Then will have to reassess everything we thought we wanted to keep once we are moved onto the boat and see how much/little space we actually have!
As our adventure unfolds, so will our de-cluttering needs . . .

Joy Dare =) January 27, 2016

3 gifts in the kitchen :]

:-]  fresh, hot coffee  

:D  peanut butter on pumpernickel toast

:-)  supper~ chorizo, garlic, onions, curry paste, potatoes, green beans, peas and ham simmered slowly with kefir for added flavor and health benefits

Twisted Crazy Quilt

Honestly, I have to admit that I dearly love quilting and praying in the morning. The neighborhood and homestead are so peaceful. It's a time when I can relax and really connect with God.
When is your favorite time for connecting with God?

My Paid Work~Out Program!!

Hi there!! How are you doing getting ready for spring and outdoor activities?
      Me? Well, I think I'm doing okay  . . yesterday, though, I gave myself a scare that may have you chuckling . . I sincerely thought I'd spontaneously put about 5-10 lbs back on overnight and was mentally going through the list of all I'd recently eaten to find my mistake . ..  THEN I realized I had put on underwear that was too small! You know, the ones that fit last year before I chubbed-out and were supposed to be in the back of the drawer for me to fit into this summer?!!! Was I ever relieved to see that I had not increased in size!!!!
I Absolutely Must NOT get any bigger!!! Seriously  . . . I "drew the line in the sand" a while back and have done pretty well to not pig out since then. Now, I will admit I hit McDonald's drive-thru once in a while for a quick dose of grease and all the things we ate as teens, but I primarily eat very healthy  . . And I fully intend to continue this trend!!
So . . .
Onto my workout  . . . Already having fun zipping around making progress  . . .
Warm weather, hiking, camping and cute clothes are a couple short months away!!!

Leftover Breakfast Omelets and Driving Matt to School . .

Good morning!! Happy Thursday and hope your day is blessed  :) 
  This morning our yummy breakfast was omelets made from last nights' leftovers  . ..  Full happy tummies!!
         Then a pleasant drive to take a young man, who is growing up way too fast, to school . . .
A great way to begin our day!!!

Joy Dare -•- January 26, 2016

A gift before dawn, at noon, after dark  . . .

~_~  waking knowing His choice for me is always best . .

=]  the refreshing of running errands for work all morning  . . .

:-]  those three kind words . . .

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Twisted Crazy Quilt

A couple more stitches . .
Thoughts redirected . . 
Going forward for Him . . .irregardless!!!

A Day of Bookkeeping . . .

A day of balancing books awaits me as I wait to punch in . . .
Sooooo, I dressed all pretty today for a nice change (but have old clothes in my car just in case)!!!

Twisted Crazy Quilt

A few more stitches. . .
A few more prayers . .
The perfect ending  . .
To a perfect day!!!

Joy Dare * January 25, 2016

A grace borrowed, found, inherited  . . . 

~ time at work to pray 
~ a future 
~ strength and perseverance

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

82.93% Savings at Old Navy!!!

Wow! We stopped into Old Navy to splurge on a $5.00 t-shirt for Matt and stumbled upon a fabulous sale!
We were able to purchase all four (4) of these really nice t-shirts valued at $62.81 including tax before the sale and only spent $3.68 after taxes!!!
That's a savings of $59.13 or 82.93%
I encourage you to venture out into the cold and head over to Old Navy before the sale racks are empty!!!

Twisted Crazy Quilt

A few embellishments to add zip to this quilt design  . . .
What do you think?

My Paid Work~Out Program . . .

Time again to workout  . . .
Have a blessed day, folks!!

Day 26/366

A breakfast sandwich (out of tortillas and Matt loves pumpernickel) . .
Then gave my sweet son a ride to school . .
A blessed morning!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Twisted Crazy Quilt

A few more stitches done . . 
Six (6) more patches pinned . .

My Paid Work~Out Program. . .

Hey there!! Started my workout at noon today due to appointments, so it won't be  so "intense" today . .. 
Have a great day!!

Joy Dare :] January 24, 2016

3 things blue . . .  

~ the waiting time

~ future as He's laid it out :]

~ screen


Twisted Crazy Quilt

A little more progress  . . .
More prayers . .
More tears . . .
More love . . .
I am having so much fun with this quilt  . .
Trying ideas new to me . . .
A lot of time spent with God  . . .
All stitched into the layers of fabric!!!
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