Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Down My Rabbit Hole . . .

I walked 577 steps so far today . .
   At work rethinking my rabbit hole . .
I have decided Mad Hatter (in my life) is to be renamed Indiana Joyce . .
   Cheshire Cat shall retain his name . .
A few others shall also be renamed as I (with Indiana's approval/slight interest) have realized better similarities could be found . .
    And, as a side note, sometimes people change and grow so new names must be found!
And me?
Well, I identified with Alice quite well for a while . . like I'd fallen into a safe but seriously bizarre psychiatric ward!
   And now? Hmmm . . .
  I am very at peace . . yet still very much in transition . . fighting (though you may not see it) for my son's needs (yet not quite Erin Brockovich?) . . . .
Hmmm . . .

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