Monday, August 31, 2015

Joy Dare ~~ August 2015

29th~ a gift one, two, three~~
^_^ salvation
^_^ sweet son
^_^ good future

30th~ 3 gifts very small~~
^_~ a coke
^_~ deep fried Twinkie
^_~ ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles

31st~ 3 miracles~~
('o') early to work
('o') camaraderie
('o') Matt

Winning Turkey

Ducks ~ Winning Ribbons


Matt and Goats

Matt and Some Sheep

Ribbons Won by One Homestead

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Matt and Horses

Yeah, he's in heaven when he's with a horse!!

Award-Winning Horse

More Pretty Afghans

Check out the creativity shown in the Grand Champion winners!!

So Many Pretty Afghans!!

Christmas Trees ~ First and Second Place

There are so so many categories to choose from at the Will County Fair that I don't know if it's possible to enter just one!!

Christmas Wreath ~ Third Place

This wreath was truly beautiful but there was no way to show that in the photo.
It was like a giant Christmas bow exploded into an amazing wreath!!

Halloween Wreath ~ Second Place Ribbon

Calumet Baking Powder Tin Collection

That's a large collection!!

Matt and I at quietly observing all the entries vs winners and planning for next year's fair . . .
Hmmmm . . . . 

I got a New Hairstyle for the Will County Fair!!

Grand Champion Duck with a cool doo!!

Chickens at Will County Fair

Baby Items at Will County Fair

Okay, so all these photos give you an idea of the competition.
Question is, can you do this one to two levels better and win a ribbon next year??

First Prize for Christmas Tree

First Prize Soft Sculptured Stuffed Animal

Grand Champion Dolly

Second Place Dolly

First Place Dolly

Grand Champion Hat Design!!

I have been toying with the idea of designing hats and this one gives me a bit of incentive to give it a go!!
Congrats to the designer!!

First and Second Place Cakes at Will County Fair

So many pretty cakes!!
How did they decide who won??

Grand Champion Cake at Will County Fair

Thoughts for next year?
Will you compete?

Gooood Morning!

Well, hello!! I am up and can't completely explain why other than our new schedule and chores calling me . .
So, I wandered down the hall to start coffee (essential to existence) and found the washer had been turned off mid-cycle. I'm not exactly sure how this happens but am guessing it was annoying/inconvenient to Matt in some way and he simply ended it!
This photo is of a load of sheets washing . . . I love the clear lid as I can easily see what is running and if there is enough water to properly clean the laundry. The fact that this cute washer only cost me $290 and has incredibly cut my water bill is an added bonus!
How is your morning going?
In a few I will post more photos from our visit to the Will County Fair last night. We will be returning today for multiple reasons. First, the rodeo starts at 2:00pm and we shall watch it from the fence along with all the other budget-conscious families. Second, this evening we have to collect all our entries, ribbons and checks (stipend awarded for winning). Third, Matt will be helping take down rides from 7pm-finished (approx 11pm). Last year taking down rides paid $40 cash, but we did not plan ahead and he couldn't participate. This year he made the decision to earn that money Tuesday night when we dropped off our entries!!
Stay tuned!!!!!

More Winning Cakes!!

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