Friday, July 31, 2015

Hope Quilt Top

Good evening!! Hope your day has been blessed!!
As I slowly work on this quilt top it becomes more and more apparent how truly blessed Matt and I are. God is using this project to open my eyes to all He has done for us. Daily we find ourselves provided for in the most amazing and unexpected ways.
And, just as all looks grim financially, He opens doors for blessings to flow providing us with more than we need!!!
To be able to serve Him and simply have enough provisions to live~ that's all we ask for. He provides abundantly more than enough.

Psalm 90:12 Challenge~~ Day 10/30

"So teach us to number our days,
That we may gain a heart of wisdom." NKJV

Yes, I have missed posting for a few days, yet I fully assure you that this verse has been in my forethought daily.
And so, I am still considering living a more humble life . . but also ways in which I may be a secret blessing to others.
Now allow me to explain this statement. As I was listening to Moody Radio station I was delighted by a story of meeting Jesus after dieing and His opinion on making our good works public knowledge. This made me stop to think of all the times I made mine public. That was wrong of me and simply won't continue.
Now, mind you, Matt and I will continue to help those in need as the spirit moves us. We simply won't be making these events public information.
Where are you with this Bible study challenge?
Bible study is growth!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

My First Crazy Quilt

I've stitched a little more as I try to remember all I still need to add to my Hope Quilt Top from Tuesday and Wednesday  . . . plus today's blessings . . .  for my crazy quilt I've added new patches and a fun new stitch!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lunch in My Car

Lunch in my car is a blessing. It's a time in peaceful shade to listen to Moody Radio and pray. A chance to quietly share my deepest needs with God and allow Him to calm and reassure me.
Today I had an amazing bologna sandwich a la Matt and am now sewing the lady bug dress as I pray and listen to my radio.
Ahh . .
What is your favorite spot to enjoy a peaceful refreshing lunch break while reconnecting with God?

Firewood Thoughts . . .

Thinking ahead to the soon coming winter as leaves begin falling early (how are leaves already falling in July??) . . .
Looking back at last winter and remembering that we used twice as much firewood as usual . . .
Our wood pile at the homestead is truly pathetic so it's beyond time for us to get this facet of homesteading organized!! Normally we should be gathering wood all year, but don't usually do that. This year has been especially rough as all my time and attention was diverted to helping Matt to transition successfully from private special ed school to public school and then for him to accomplish functioning properly without an IEP. The results in Matt's life far outweigh the items we fell behind on, but now we must begin the process of catching back up while still maintaining all Matt needs in order to continue.
This week, while we await the plumber, we need to reassess the wood pile and begin getting it all spiffed up. We really need two (2) 5'x5' piles of cut logs (how much we used last year) as well as tinder, kindling and medium thick sticks . . .  And my feeling is we'll go through more wood than last year, so . . .
A lot to do with winter coming fast!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lady Bug Dress

Well, hello there!! Welcome back.
Tonight it is simply too too hot to quilt so I am finally starting another baby dress. The bodice is part of an upcycled men's deep navy blue dress shirt and the skirt is a lively green with delightful lady bugs flitting across it.
A little light sewing to pass some time . .

My Hope Quilt

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hope Quilt Top

Today was a blessing!!
This process of watching my blessings is interesting  . . . .
The keeping track of each and every good thing going on in my life is so good for my soul . .
Seeing all He provides for us . .
Seeing every opportunity He sets before us to serve others and bring them home to Him . .
Even as some blessings are disappearing others (more potent) are replacing these in a truly miraculous way . . .
It is, after all, the heavenly blessings that far outweigh the worldly blessings!!!

Day 208/365

Taking a break out in my "break room"/ sanctuary . . .
Enjoying the peacefulness and breeze with a pair of friendly cardinals and a hungry squirrel . . .
Back here, hidden from the stressors of my day, God's hand calms my soul.

Day 206/365

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Psalm 90:12 Challenge~ Day 6/30

Hello there and welcome back. Hope your Sunday has been blessed and plentiful in His blessings.
How are you doing with this challenge? I must admit that, although I did think about it yesterday, I did not do any Bible study at all. I'm human so therefore fallible.
And for today? I have spent portions of my day pondering what He has for me . . I need to reach more lost souls for Him . . I need to more closely guard my heart . . and I need to focus better on His plans for each day/week/year . . .

My First Crazy Quilt

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hope Quilt Top

Well, today adds a few stars . . .
As soon as I get our water leak addressed I can pay bills. Hopefully I can pay a little extra here and there then add those swirls and squiggles. And there are usually blessings in and out to count  . . . as well as hugs and flirts (my little color-coded stars). Hint: the white stars are hugs offered to me from people outside my family . . .

Day 206/365

91*F and 69% humidity  . . .
After a long sweaty hot day . .
I'm glad to be home  . . .
Lot of praying today . . .
Need His direction as I make my next set of decisions  . . .
Always faithful, He will lead me!!!

306/308 N Pine St, Joliet, IL 60435

Thank you so much to the City Of Joliet Neighborhood Inspection Department for tagging this property this week and having it mowed!!!

My First Crazy Quilt

I must admit I am really enjoying this little quilt.
Once finished it will be a sweet little crib quilt for some little punkin!!
Maybe I'll add a nice flannel backing . . .

Psalm 90:12 Challenge ~ Day 5/30

Good evening!! How was your day today? Mine was blessed~ hoping yours was too!!!
As I sat in the quiet (why was it sooo quiet today??) I had time to quilt and think about all He has for me . . . and wonder what is the cheapest possible way for us to live . . .?  And the safest . .? And His will . .  ?
More prayer is needed, but I must admit that a cheaper living situation is a must. In order to concentrate more on my calling I have to be able to take my focus off of financial survival. Just before our family budget was cut considerably we were already planning to live more frugal and humble lives.
Our intention was to sell our home and use the profits to purchase a small houseboat, cutting our financial need in half. Not only would this choice allow us to serve Him more fully, it would also cut my stress level considerably. It would eliminate a high house payment And open doors to reach a whole new group of souls in need.
And so . . ? More praying and careful spending . . .

Friday, July 24, 2015

Hello Kitty Dress

It's finished!!
I am so excited!
This one is sized for a baby 6-9 months.
What do you think?

Hope Quilt Top

Well, just a few more stitches to round out my day . . . .
Happiness and blessing memorialized in swirls, squiggles and stars!!!

Day 204/365

Psalm 90:12 Challenge  ~  Day 4/365

       Hi! Hope your day has been blessed and fruitful!!
       As for my journey in this challenge? I need to order more of the Book of John from the Pocket Testament League. I have none to share as I ran out over the winter. I found myself disheartened passing out hats to our local homeless and they are who I share these books with. I'm still not sure what it was that got me down. I put in hours hand knitting original hats so our homeless would be warm but my hats just didn't seem to be wanted the way they usually were previous years. It seemed like the group I usually shared with didn't want hand knit hats . . . And yet, I was able to find a few groups who were delighted. Thinking I allowed the devil to use a few unappreciative people to keep me from doing His will in sharing His love and Books of John.
Never Again!!!

Hope Quilt Top

A few more stitches  . . .
A very blessed life.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Psalm 90:12 Challenge ~ Day 3/30

Good evening! How are you doing with this Bible study challenge? I must admit it resonates with everything else in my life!!
I must tell you that this is really falling into place with my desire to cut my expenses back to almost zero. I would like to make my life way less about chasing the ability to make money and more about pleasing God. Up until recently we've been able to live comfortably at the poverty line while still being able to reach out to the homeless and lost with hand knit hats and the love of Jesus.
Now our life may be changing drastically. I've received a letter from Social Security stating that, although Matt still has a diagnosis of autism and ADHD, based on statements from his doctor we are no longer in need of his SSI check. On average this will remove $600-700/ month from our budget (1/3 of our income) and will make survival much more of a challenge!! This could be devastating, but I think we can make it. My paychecks will cover our bills (period). Anything beyond that will be luxury items. That includes food, clothing, gas for the car . . .
I think we can turn this life-changing event into a game and a challenge  and make it work for us. We still have a home to live in and utilities are still turned on. We have food in our bellies.
And so many caring people in our lives reach out, not knowing our plight, and provide amazing treats almost daily. Could it be God has made this change to help us be more dependent Him? How can we use this change to help us reach more people in need?

Day 203/365

Day 202/365

Hope Quilt Top

Good morning! How are you?
Have you ever noticed how blessings add up when you're not looking? I've been super busy and haven't concentrated on this quilt top in a few days so was pleasant surprised when I sat down to count/stitch my blessings and ended up two (2) hours late for bed in the process!
How are your blessings stacking up?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Psalm 90:12 Challenge ~~ Day 2/30

Hi! How is your Psalm 90:12 Challenge coming along? Today I've done a lot of thinking on this and, between what I read in my NKJV Bible last night as well as my Bible Readers Companion tonight, I think I have a bit of a better understanding and maybe a plan.
Could it be that the wisdom we are to seek is in finding ways to bring more lost souls the hope of Jesus? And the sin we need to avoid (per this verse) is selfishness?
And so, I am devising a plan to better show Jesus' love to the homeless . . .

Please, chime in in the comment section below~~ what has this verse done for your life today?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

My First Crazy Quilt

Ah, a nice quiet day of resting at home, Bible study and catching up a bit on dishes and laundry. Not sure I could ask for much more!
A day off of true rest lends itself well to various stitchery projects. Today's was my crazy quilt and I was able to add a few more patches as well as trying out a new stitch (which I may use again).
Honestly I could spend all day every day on my sewing and knitting designs. Eventually I plan to change my living situation so as to be able to devote a majority of my time to designing and making various items. Not so much a retirement plan but more like a situation where I have minimal bills so have the ability to make more choices about how my time is spent. This will also allow me to keep my stress level to a minimum.
But, for now . . . ?
I work on my projects in tiny intervals and on days off work . . . .
And dream/plan for my future

Psalm 90:12 Challenge ~ Day 1/30

Hi. Have you read the verse? What about associated Bible helps in your study Bible? Today I am using my NKJV Study Bible. (I have several different versions of the Bible as each offers differing opinions/insights into meaning and personal application)
Stopping everything to seriously look at my life and daily activities from the perspective of 'what if I only had a year to live?' has made me stop and think several times today. While recovering from a long work week and intensely high local heat index I am also attempting to catch up laundry and dishes. Add to that Matt needing attention and redirecting him to clean up assorted messes he's created while also having him help to hang out laundry.
I did some Bible study earlier but still need to sit down with Matt for his Bible study (I found something interesting for him).
In the long run, and looking at the one year to live scenario, what of my list matters?
Bible study first
Attention to Matt
Teaching Matt more self-sufficiency skills (PLS)

Tomorrow is another day . .
First things first today . .

Where are you with this challenge?
Please share in the comments below!!!

Day 199/365

Cloudscaping and minions . . .

306/308 N Pine St, Joliet, IL 60435

Hey, can you give me a hand, please?
I'm a bit perplexed  . . .
The city inspectors for Joliet came through and tagged every property on this street that had any possible violations yet left this property untouched . . .
More than a week has gone by and the weeds at this abandoned rental property are growing up into the tree limbs . . .
And the windows remain without a proper board-up (aren't vacant un-rentable properties required by code to have all windows boarded up  . . . ?
Any thoughts??

Psalm 90:12 Challenge

Good morning!! Happy Sunday!!!
Welcome back :)
This morning I happened to turn on church services from Christ Church Oakbrook (half way through the program) and was instantly mesmerized by the teaching. I must admit that I started out just watching and thinking, "typical protestant feel good sermon", but I was so wrong!!  That mistaken impression changed immediately!! The pastor was teaching about wisdom and all the daily distractions we face. He read may different Bible verses, but the one that really caught my attention was Psalm 90:12
   "So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."

And he offered a challenge: (paraphrased)  to look at all our daily distractions in relation to this verse. To ask ourselves if this distraction (facebook post, TV show, other drama . .) will help our relationships? And if we knew we would die in a year, would this even matter??

              And so I am offering a 30 day challenge to you and myself:
* read this verse daily
* apply it to your own life
* then, daily, leave, under my post on Psalm 90:12 for that day, how your life was impacted for that day

Let's all do this challenge together so we can grow together!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

My First Crazy Quilt

I only added a few tiny stitches tonight . .
It's simply too hot to have a quilt draped across my lap for very long!!
This week I found a spectacular book on quilting which highlights many types/designs of quilts as well as the origins. How exciting is that??!!! I now have so many more ideas to pursue as well as detailed and easy to follow instructions for a quilt design my Grandma, Lucy Jane (Carr) Joyce made once as a lovely pillow. I have been wanting to learn this technique and was considering taking the pillow apart in order to figure out how she made it. Now I have instructions . . .
So Many Quilts Yet to Make!!!!!!!
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