Saturday, November 7, 2015

Birthday Supper at Denny's

Well, I hate giving bad reviews, but . .
Although the service was good and we enjoyed the meal . .
The sausage links weren't even halfway cooked (very pink inside), even though they had the best flavor I've ever had in sausage links anywhere  . .
And, when we first arrived, I stopped for a restroom break, used those nice toilet seat covers (always double-up on those!!) and found the seat not to be properly attached leaving me with a bad bruise on my inner thigh!!
And, as good as the service wad otherwise, our server didn't seem overly concerned about either issue. Now I'm just a random person who only eats the 2-4 times a year, but what about regular customers? Are injuries and undercooked pork a regular part of their dining experience? Is that why the dining room was virtually empty? And what if I'd been a secret shopper (a job I could thrive at!!)? This restaurant would have failed.
But . . .
The food was really really good otherwise  . .
And neither of us got sick from the sausage links . .
So . .

What are your experiences with your local restaurants? I'd live to hear from you in the comment section below!!

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