Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our First Slaughter!

Hi all! Well, I thought this was gonna be tough to do, even though I'd seen my Dad do it as a child, but it was remarkably easy! I have to admit I am bad at cutting heads off. Have to learn to swing harder. And, don't behead near the coop as they run under it afterward! So glad he came out the other side before he died!! Otherwise I'd have been fishing him out with a broom handle. So now we have a rooster hanging upside down in a tree out back. Not the noisiest, but the one who was attacking hens when Candi put the leftovers in. Candi, Matt and Aiden all watched. No tears, but there was some cheering!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not Enough Wood?!

Hi! Are you enjoying this beautiful warm weather? 
Have you thought ahead about winter winds to come? 
 I'm afraid I spent my summer on many things that did not prepare me for winter. 
Now, as I look at my pitiful wood pile, I wonder where I can gather more wood?
 It is definitely time to restack for hauling efficiency, then load the Jeep anywhere we see wood piled at the curb!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Damage from Neighbor Kids

Hello! Glad you came by!
 Sorry to say, but I'm stuck at the end of my drive amazed at the deliberate damage to my landscaping by the neighbor's children. 
Funny how people can watch you spend hours improving your property then allow their children to destroy it! 
 I was so upset to arrive home from work to find my landscaping rocks were missing! Then the kids told me they took them and refused to return them.
 I've now planted several Prickly Pear plants between the remaining rocks.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Feathered Children!

Morning! How are you this lovely day? 
 I popped out to check the food and water for my feathered children and found the water was empty! After cleaning and filling it, with much coaching from the recipients, they flocked around to wet their collective whistles! This is the waterer I bought at 'Big R' in Morris when I first got them as chicks. It is, sadly, rusting already and will be replaced soon.
 Clean rust-free water is essential.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hanging laundry... 0:)

Our campsite @ Silver Cross Field

Tonight is Rainbow Council Jackhammers Overnight! 
Candace, Matthew, Aiden and I watched the game against Kansas City. 
It was the slowest, longest game ever (or so it seemed), but we won! 
 After the game Matt and I gathered our camping stuff from the Jeep and set up our camp. 
He and I decided to sleep under the stars like a Webelo as we can always use more practice, but we did bring the 2-man tent in case of rain. 
 Well, no stars in the sky, but no hint of rain either. 
The movie, "The Sandlot", is starting. 
I need to relax with the best son in the world in the outfield. 
Have a blessed night all!
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