Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hiking for Our Future!

Well, hello! Check out the medals we earned through the 'Will County Woods Walk Challenge'! We started the official hiking because Matt joined Cub Scouts. We had been hiking/ exploring previously.
It was so nice to get out into the woods in our community and truly learn our area. Based on my theory that we should be completely familiar with our area in increasing circumferences from our home, the walk encouraged us to look beyond where we normally hiked. We also were able to test and improve our own personal ability to walk long distances. God forbid we are ever forced to flee on foot, but the increased endurance and indepth knowledge of the surrounding woods will help us to survive.
How far could you get on foot? Have you mapped out and walked backwoods paths to get out?
Planning = Surviving!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

So Close to Finished!

Well, we had the posts and railing put in between the kitchen and family room. The posts are 'white wood' and the spondles, shoe and hand rails are hemlock.
The house feels much larger and more coherent. The wood adds much needed warmth so we feel cozier.
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